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Coaching Kids, Inc./ Life On Purpose Program Description

Course work in prisons, churches, schools, other non-profits, and in corporations

Purpose and Outcomes

The aim of our Life On Purpose training in Oklahoma is to help people live empowered fulfilling purposeful lives.

This is accomplished with the help of interactive experiential learning and teaching modules. These modules are used to build self-esteem, hope, trust, vision, consciousness and self-awareness. Other outcomes include empowering participants to live life with more choices while making a contribution to others 每 thereby living a more fulfilled purposeful life 每 and becoming more responsible, accountable, and caring.

Through extensive personal growth, participants:

  • Become aware of their impact on others, develop deeper emotional connection and learn healthy boundary settings.
  • Recognize their intrinsic value and gain the tools and language to make choices in alignment with their values and supportive beliefs.
  • Develop an increased sense of self-awareness and can identify what actions more fully empower them.
  • Learn to live intentionally and consciously.

The skills we teach in the learning and teaching modules include:

  1. Listening at three different levels
  2. Values awareness
  3. Perspectives
  4. The awareness and management of inner critics
  5. The powerful use of intuition and acknowledgement
  6. The tools to initiate and complete action and accountability
  7. Train-The-Trainer module on Workshop Co-Leading


Coaching Kids, Inc. was created as a charitable non-profit organization in 2001. It uses the power of life coaching skills to empower youth, their parents and those that work with youth to discover young people*s unique potential. The program helps create resilient kids, nurturing families, stronger communities and a more humane world. Since our initial charter and our 501-C-3 application we have worked in prisons, schools, churches, and other non-profit, government, and for profit organizations.

Life Coaching

Coaching is about learning how to live a more empowered, more aware, more self-responsible life at choice, and in alignment with our personal core values. This program is based on the foundation of the Co-Active Coaching curriculum, taught around the world by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI)

Through experiential training, coaches guide participants as they learn improved emotional intelligence skills. The coach training process helps participants to really look at where they are, and where they want to be, and to decide what they need to do to get from here to there. It has them explore who they are and what needs to change in order for them to progress in a way that is meaningful to them while on their life path.

Coaching Kids Inc. History

The founders of the Coaches Training Institute were also instrumental in the co-founding of the International Coach Federation, which is an association representing this new profession since 1995.

Coaching Kids, Inc., founded by Reuel Hunt in 2001, in partnership with CTI and others, has delivered many programs the last ten years, including:

  1. The Bigger Game Prison Project to a federal prison in Littleton, CO and San Quentin (this supported and was added to an inmate program 每 Jericho Road Program 每 where federal inmates coach youth and their parents from the local juvenile justice system.) 2001-2004
  2. Laura Whitworth Prison Project to the Denver Women*s Correctional Facility (2008-2010)
  3. Coaching Kids Youth Coaching Skills Program (2001-2010):
    • Mile-Hi Church in Denver
    • Girls Inc. in Denver and Philadelphia
    • Kent Middle School in Seattle
    • Betty Marler Center and Ridge View Academy - Rite-Of-Passage - Denver
  4. Coach Training 每 South Bay Center for Counseling in Los Angeles (2010).
  5. And many other venues the last 10 years and many more anticipated in the future.


A typical commercial course fee similar to this work runs $7,000 to $12,000 for a 2-day workshop. Since we are a charitable non-profit our costs are covered by donations, grants, corporate contributions, and fee arrangements co-created with the different organizations we serve.

Historical Programs and Projects 2000-2008